Ignacio Rodriguez

“It was such a great experience being
part of the hiring process with Fast Dolphin;

you guys are well-organized and focused on making all things easy for the candidate, providing the correct information and always keeping us updated about the whole process while negotiating our requests with the company as well. I’m very comfortable giving a ‘10’ for the service provided. I will recommend you.”


David Correa

“For me, Fast Dolphin is a
great recruitment company,

all the people that handled my interview and initiation process was very prepared, talented and the most important they were very honest with all the information that they provided. It’s also remarkable how they are involved with the person through all the hiring process. So, I’m really grateful with all the Fast Dolphin team. Giving them 10 out of 10 points remarking their outstanding service.”


Hernán Ayala

“I am very grateful
to Fast Dolphin.

Their human qualities, professionalism, transparency, and clarity in the process have made my career take off in different countries.”


Miguel Mota

“Fast Dolphin made me feel
welcome from the first moment;

their organizational capacity and flexibility in the processes gave me a great sense of security. They are excellent facilitators in each project opportunity, and long-term relationships are generated that give us the confidence to accept challenges and opportunities in different projects.”


Arturo Suárez

“I am very fortunate to
be part of Fast Dolphin.

It has been a great experience; from the beginning, they opened up great possibilities for me to participate in different projects and different countries. Their support in managing all the procedures and the response speed ensured me that it is the best company I have ever worked for.”