The contract is made between you and Fast Dolphin, Inc. as a freelancer in most cases, unless otherwise indicated in the offer.

Yes, the contract can be made in your name directly, through a company you have, or through some other company with which you have a contract.

As of now, payment through this means is not possible. We usually make wire transfers to your account, under your name, in any country.

Yes, as long as the account is in your name.

Yes, it is Fast Dolphin’s policy to keep all the people who participate in processes informed about this progress, both in positive and negative cases. You can also contact our sales team to find out how the process is going.

On our website, you will find the current job opportunities and the recruiter’s contact details

When a temporary assignment comes to an end, we will try to assign you to one of the available open positions. There is no guarantee that you will be selected, but we will do our best.

Due to the nature of our operation, we are not able to offer technical training or certifications. However, we have a series of documents and videos related to job search available, such as interview management and resume improvements, among others.

Although it is technically possible to obtain the Green Card after the TN visa, this is a long and expensive process, with a risk that when the employment relationship with Fast Dolphin is terminated, the process is interrupted. Because there is such a great risk, we simply prefer not to take that action.

Fast Dolphin takes care of all the costs related to obtaining the TN visa, including preparing the case, the consular fees, and the travel necessary in certain cases.

Sure, we can consider you for more than one job opportunity simultaneously, as long as you have the right profile.

Fast Dolphin is a consulting company, which works mainly in the IT area. Although most of our job opportunities are for the IT area, we occasionally have job opportunities for other areas, such as Finance, Accounting, Administration, Engineering, and Architecture.

Most of our job opportunities require at least a medium level of specialized experience. However, we have had junior profiles in the past, so we are always open to receiving all types of profiles to have the best professionals when they are needed.

We have most of our clients in the US, but we also have projects throughout Latin America, Canada, and occasionally European countries.

We have several options for payment schemes, depending on the needs of the client and candidate.

Fast Dolphin sponsors work visas for the United States to Chileans, Mexicans, and Canadians. Soon we will be processing work visas in Canada for Mexicans and Americans.

Yes, at Fast Dolphin, we developed a successful referral bonus program that allows anyone to benefit from referring contacts for Fast Dolphin job opportunities and receiving a bonus if any of those contacts are selected for the position. For more details consult the program here.

Depending on your country of origin, the country where the project is carried out, travel conditions, and remote work possibilities, each situation is analyzed individually. In those cases where it is both necessary and possible, Fast Dolphin carries out the necessary procedures to obtain a visa or work permit.

Although Fast Dolphin is a US company, we have a presence in Canada, Mexico, Colombia, and Brazil, so our job opportunities can be anywhere in America or even 100% remote work.

Yes, we do. But for now, due to COVID-19 issues, these procedures are paused.

Yes, within the variety of roles and schemes that we handle, we also have positions where we only take care of the first selection filter.

We do not handle bench since each project has different conditions and budgets, so we always seek to improve our consultants’ conditions as the project allows. Additionally, you can go from a Mexico project to one in the USA, so the salary will likely adjust accordingly.

It depends on the type of hiring scheme offered. All the conditions are always shared at the beginning of the process.

We take care of coordinating, paying, and processing your direct dependents’ visas, that is, spouse and children under 21 years of age.

It is not a common practice, but there may be opportunities that only require specific support, and if so, we could be able to collaborate on that model.

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